Alpher branded instrument cable
Alpher branded instrument cable

Alpher branded instrument cable

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We are really excited to be able offer these beautiful handmade 3 metre cables.

They are a custom Alpher branded version of Loaded For Bear's boutique grade Clarity cable made in Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire.

They feature G&H Straight-Right angle plugs, Low capacitance Sommer cable and a stunning turquoise finish.

This is the cable we use daily. Not only in our own personal rigs but each and every instrument we make is tested using one of these.

The quality and clarity of this cable is just awesome!

Specs from Loaded for bear:


- Boutique grade 6.35mm (1/4″) unbalanced Guitar / Instrument jack cable

- Preserve high frequencies and optimise signal transmission

- Low capacitance (52pF/m) Sommer cable, perfect for guitarists

- G&H Oxygen Free Copper core plugs

- RoHS Compliant lead free silver solder

- Lifetime guarantee (UK)"