Mako Prime V2 (used)
Mako Prime V2 (used)
Mako Prime V2 (used)
Mako Prime V2 (used)
Mako Prime V2 (used)
Mako Prime V2 (used)

Mako Prime V2 (used)

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Here's a chance to own a piece of Alpher history! ...It's time for me to let my personal bass go! This is the first V2 with two 51p pickups that we ever made and the first to ever have patina pickguards!

This bass inspired many other similar builds and has been a big part of the development of our V2 basses.

It comes with 3 sets of strings (gold flat wounds, black nylon tape wounds and
a fresh set of dunlop rounds) plus case, tool kit etc 

Mako Prime V2
34 inch scale
21 fret
One piece sycamore body
Callida (burnt) finish
Wenge neck
Wenge fingerboard
EVO gold frets
Patina brass pickguards
2x Nordstrand 51p hum cancelling pickups
Dunlop super pots
Hipshot kickass bridge
Hipshot lollipop tuners
Hipshot string retainer
Hiscox Alpher branded case included
Has a played in / worn in vibe with real playing wear
here and there but it all adds to the vibe of this very
special bass.

This specification would be £3750+ approximately new